10 min Big Big Salad

Hello everybody,

Its raining today in New York City, so now I am sitting at my computer in the office and drinking some orange spice green tea. Yesterday I had a big craving for a beast salad: so I came up with this delicious salad:

My salad contained:

–  mix spring greens

– half of a cucumber

– 1 tomato

– 1 carrot

– 1 raw beet

– 2 hard boiled eggs

– garlic and herbs goat cheese

Served with fresh squeezed orange juice:

When my fiance came home I made him a salad too, same ingredients as mine, but I added some dill, shrimp and raisin:

It was a glorious salad! Served with Italian whole grain bread and a fresh squeezed juice from celery, carrots and oranges:

I am trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my fiance diet! We have an agreement, no meat this week for him, fish or shrimp occasionally and lots of veggie juice and salads! 🙂

How do you make your family or friends to eat healthier? I try to make the transition as slow as possible, step by step, informing the health impact that some products have! And letting them make the decision and see the change! 🙂


18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fitandfortysomething
    May 18, 2010 @ 17:15:25

    oh i love your salad! yum!


  2. actorsdiet
    May 18, 2010 @ 22:38:22

    a beautiful salad – i do like raw beets but i rarely use ’em!


  3. eatmovelove
    May 18, 2010 @ 23:16:27

    Thank you so much for your kind comment about never feeling bad about myself on my blog…really means a lot…especially in this blogosphere where I eat ice cream and stuff that is all “for shame” 😉


  4. kelsey@snackingsquirrel.com
    May 19, 2010 @ 17:11:59

    now thats my kind of salad!! ❤ YUMMM


  5. runnerforever
    May 19, 2010 @ 17:16:47

    I try to offer them some of my healthy food when I cook.


  6. Blond Duck
    May 19, 2010 @ 21:42:37

    I’d send you some pimento cheese if I wasn’t worried it would spoil!


  7. Michelle (Snacks and Field)
    May 19, 2010 @ 23:32:29

    No joke- I had a salad today for lunch that had exactly those ingredients (Mixed greens, 1/2 cucumber, a tomato, a carrot, 2 eggs) Looks like a great combo! 😉

    And I always try to help my friends eat healthier- usually by making healthy, tasty things for them!


    • Katalina
      May 20, 2010 @ 03:56:42

      This combo works great for me too, I like it so much!! Yes cooking healthy tasty food for friends is a good try to show them that acctually healthy food can be delicious too!! 🙂


  8. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear
    May 20, 2010 @ 05:14:25

    What a lovely salad and I adore your cute heart bowl 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting my blog!


  9. hbobier @ Basil Vodka
    May 20, 2010 @ 14:02:46

    Did you seriously make your fiance a salad and serve it in a heart bowl? Because that’s awesome.

    As for making my friends eat healthier? I have no influence. Which is fine. Live and let live, right? 🙂


  10. Ana
    May 20, 2010 @ 14:14:50

    Yumm lovin those monstah salads!!! Juicing and salads is a perfect way to incorporate some greens into ones diet. I really try to teach others around me about the benefits of incorporating whole grains, and veggies into their diets. I try to cook for my family and teach them that healthy recipes can be darn good too!!

    Ooo and yes Mojo bars are really good, you should try them!


  11. Blond Duck
    May 20, 2010 @ 17:29:11

    I’m glad they have good pimento cheese up North!


  12. therabbitrunner
    May 20, 2010 @ 22:36:43

    now that is what I call a beautiful/colorful/delicious salad all in a bowl 🙂


  13. Lindsay
    May 22, 2010 @ 20:53:32

    I’ve found that if people actually try the healthier options they tend to like them and things get a lot easier.


  14. adifey
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 14:30:15

    Hey there, just came across your blog!! I’m pretty much drooling over that salad! 🙂 Your photography is beautiful!!!!!


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